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Temporary Resident Permit Canada - Visit Canada with a DUI
Canada Temporary Resident Permit. Any person wishing to visit Canada needs to meet all the requirements of Canadian Immigration Law before he or she will be permitted ...
Residence permits - for non-EU/EEA citizens
As a non-EU/EAA citizen you may be granted a Danish residence permit in order to study in Denmark. To be granted a residence permit, you must prove in writing that:
Get a biometric residence permit (BRP) - GOV.UK
1. Overview. You must have a biometric residence permit (BRP) if you want to: apply to come to the UK ; apply to extend your visa or settle in the UK
Temporary Work Permits - Cayman Islands Immigration Dept.
Temporary Work Permits. An application for a Temporary Work Permit is made to the Chief Immigration Officer. Where the actual work is to be performed in Grand Cayman ...

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